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 photo 2e4e0b38-f426-4958-89b9-f41f2e4f14b1_zpsbbe50a92.jpg "It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them, they went out and happened to things." - Leonardo De Vinci!

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Well, this has been a while

A long long time ago, in what feels like another life, I had found peace and serenity in my ability to express myself through the written word.  As with many adventures of the past, I had a nasty little habit at abandoning things once they showed me a bit of resistance or pain.  Well, that’s no longer the case anymore.  The girl who was afraid of her dreams, her struggles, and her imagination is long long gone.  I feel an indescribable sense of home as I’m striking keys into this text box with the all-too-familiar blue and white background of Tumblr.  It soothed many confused and heartbroken nights, reveled in some of my deepest joys, and held some of my most honest moments both in thought and in reality (funny, how I used to confuse and blend the two).  

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier to be back.  Although I’m not quite the same as I was.  In fact, that old person seems a world away from who I am now.  Mainly, what I believe to be possible within my future.  What first had to change was my belief in what was possible in myself.  Now that that’s happened, it’s as if I’m seeing the colors of the world for the first time.  Truly tasting food, truly hearing music, truly feeling the energy of possibilities inside of me.  I smile now as I think of how exciting it will be to share, for the first time, a stage of unrelenting happiness and insight for the future. 

Here we go…